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Leon’s Greenhouses, in Oklahoma, has been building modified High tunnel greenhouses and supplying them to all over the United States and Canada for over 40 years.  Our mission is to create the highest quality greenhouses that will stand up to the strongest weather, and can be customized for even more weather protection to not only extend your growing season but make it year around.

Benefits to a High Tunnel Greenhouse

Extending the Growing Season

High tunnel greenhouses can protect your crops from cold and hot temperatures high winds, and overly rainy environments.

Protection for Extreme Weather

The high tunnel can protect your crops from extreme cold, hot or wet weather allowing you a better return on your crops.

Low Construction Costs

The high tunnel greenhouse kit has a low cost, and the constuction compared to other methods is very low.

Easy to Assemble

High tunnel greenhouses are easy to put up and can be done in a few days, and with just  couple of people.

Reduces pesticide reliance

Growing crops in a greenhouse will better protect them from bugs allow for less reliance on chemical pesticides.

Environmental Control

Easy to ventilate, easy to cool in the summer, and heat in the winter to help make your crops thrive in the environment they need.

Increase Yield

Crops grown in more favorable environments that a high tunnel can provide will increase yield.  The High Tunnel will also give you greater control over fertilizer and feed.

Nutrient Retention

Since the ground is covered High Tunnel greenhouses stops rainwater Runoff allowing the spot to retain its nutrients.

Easy Customization

With a few easy customization steps like shade cloth for the summer, and heaters for the winter you can more than extend your growing season.

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Greenhouses Built to Last

Our High Tunnel Greenhouses stand the test of time.  We use strong galvanized steel for strength and durability.  We securely anchor each post down and build the structure strong to stand up to whatever your needs may come.

All of our Greenhouses come with 6 mil ply cover, 2 pull up sides and 2 doors.

Needing more from your high tunnel, give us a call we can help customize your high tunnel greenhouse so you can get the most out of your crops for your environment.

Don’t know exactly what size you want, give us a call and our greenhouse experts and walk you through the process and make sure you get exactly what you need to maximize your crop yield in whatever environment you need it in.

Let's work together

Give us a call today and our greenhouse experts will help you get the greenhouse that fits your needs.

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